• Connect

    We connect you to the prospective employers – through our digital technology, mobile and web application and connect to the community of job seekers. You will never miss an opportunity, connecting with employers.

  • Assess

    We assess and give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. We enable you by training the right way to make you attractive to your prospective employers.

  • Train

    We train fresh talents in the appropriate technologies and skills matching the rapidly changing market demands.

  • Recruit

    We help you get the right job by connecting you with the companies by making it easy to find you, communicate with you and engage with you.

Connecting Opportunities and People 24x7

The irony is that there are more jobs available than the takers. There are more candidates available for the recruiters than they can reach out to. The missing link is the inability of recruiter and the candidate to connect and communicate. Quick, Easy to Access and Accurate Communication is the Value we at Techruit bring to the table. You will know what job opportunities are open to you, when and where. The info is available to you 24x7, in your finger tip and always updated. We understand the need for quality and timely information.

Enable candidates by assessment and training

Techruit understands the industry needs and helps you prepare technically by offering the training programs that secure you jobs. Our industry experience and relationship helps us in forecasting the needs and we offer excellent, cost effective and convenient training to you at a venue and time convenient to you. We use technology extensively to train you and prepare you for interview, and for on the job performance. Our Scientifically designed Diamond ASSET Competency Assessment process helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and rates you against a large sample. This helps you focus on right training needs.

Training in the appropriate technologies and skills

We train fresh talents in the appropriate technologies and skills matching the rapidly changing market demands. Our close connection with industry and the emerging trends help us identify these requirements. There is always opportunity for people with right training and skills. Our programs are cost effective, convenient, appropriate and relevant.

We place fresh talent

Techruit’s mission is getting your First Job. Techruit works closely with industry and recruiters and brings the job requirement to you and takes you to recruiter, well prepared to help you secure the most suitable job. Our Diamond ASSET Competency Assessment and profiling process helps, students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and maps them to industry demands based on the students strengths and creates a win-win situation for the candidate and company.

Our Story - People behind Techruit

Madhan in his formative years had a successful career in Rolta, Pentasoft and Penta Media, a company which pioneered the concept of Animation and Digital TV in India, way ahead of others, perhaps earlier than when the rest of us were prepared. He was also made responsible to serve the schools as part of Corporate Social responsibility initiative of the company. When he dealt with schools, he felt the need for serving students. By chance, he had an opportunity work on the Techruit idea, when he met A J Balasubramanian, the co-founder and continued discussing about the challenges and opportunities in this space obsessively. For a few years Madhan was independently running this service. Bala who had promoted several start-ups, since the beginning of his career and had the responsibility of recruiting fresh graduates and developing their career. His profile encompassed counseling youngsters, who were struggling in their career. Typically, he could recruit only one candidate out of 300, when he went to campus interview. He started analyzing about the skill gaps, which lead to such poor performance of candidates during recruitment drives.On the other hand, the demands for quality candidates were increasing. However, he also cross verified that those students, who were mapped by the Diamond Competence Model fared very well post recruitment. Both Madhan and Bala felt that this has to be communicated to fresh graduates and assessments and training modules designed to address the deficiency in the critical traits. Both Madhan and Bala wanted to come up with a solution to solve this big problem and they co-founded Techruit to solve this.

Balasubramanian and Madhan were brainstromed constantly to evolve processes and solutions to solve these problems and experimented with several approaches. Balasubramanian finally summarized all his experiences and thoughts as a book titled “Get your first Job”. Madhan and Bala decided to implement these ideas in Techruit to help candidates get their first job by preparing them and serve companies get the right talent.

P R Madhan

P R Madhan is an Electronic Engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. Madhan has deep knowledge about the fresher’s placement industry and has personally screened and helped 1000s of fresh graduates to get their first job. The model that Techruit follows has been evolved by practical application of ideas by Madhan along with his partner. Madhan started his career as Marketing Professional in India’s pioneering Web media and Animation Companies, Penta Media and Num TV. He has been instrumental in instrumental in bringing large sales deals and rolling out projects successfully. He has worked in Mobile Technology and Gaming industry as a Concept developer and Business Leader and has completed many Mobile Gaming projects, even when the industry had not come up with smart phones. Madhan is a Cricket buff and he applies his strong memory and mathematical prowess to act like a Cricket Almanac. He is passionate about supporting his talented son’s cricket dream. He lives in Chennai with his wife, daughter and son.

A J Balasubramanian aka “AJB”

A J Balasubramanian aka “AJB” – AJB is a Mechanical Engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, graduated in 1984. Started as Scientist in Defence R&D, later he co-founded high tech startups, which were engaged in design of Microcontroller / PC based solutions and pioneered in chip-on-board tech to India, in mid 80s. He served in senior positions in IT, VC Funded technology start-ups as founder team member, building organizations from scratch. He also managed VIT-TBI as its Head. Throughout, he focused on fresh talent, recruiting, training and mentoring them. He has recruited 100s of candidates. With his deep knowledge and insight, he has penned a book on employability, “Get your First Job”, which describes his Diamond ASSET Competency Model. His mission is making Techruit the destination for graduates to help them get their first jobs. He leads the technology strategy and operations at Techruit to serve candidates and recruiters. A prolific writer, reader and speaker, AJB lives in Chennai with his two daughters and his wife.

Our Track Record and Companies we served

Techruit has been serving fresh graduates, colleges and HR Managers in organizations for more than 8 years successfully placing every year 1000s of candidates in right jobs, help colleges train the students in appropriate technologies and companies find the right talents for jobs.

Our depth of knowledge and breadth of connection in this industry and the campuses gives us a great edge.

Services to Corporate HR Executives from Techruit

Techruit has nurtured relationship and established contacts with an extensive network of institutions and placement officers across many Engineering colleges, Arts and Science Colleges and Polytechnics. Any requirement from an organization will be targeted to reach among candidates and your recruitment process will be hastened. Techruit has the required technology and communication linkages to make this process smooth and simple. What might take a few weeks can be done in a day or two with Techruit's partnership.

Campus Drives and Job Fairs are the fastest way to hire large number of candidates and often at short notice. Techruit has conducted 100s of such events successfully.

Campus Drives are conducted in specific institutions to assess, interview and select candidates. Techruit removes the hassles in this process and help you economize and hasten the process, helping you meet your demand on the job. While Campus Drives are for one campus, Job Fairs are organized to club several colleges in a region and pool and aggregate more candidates to increase your choice and numbers. Techruit can organize Job Fairs quickly and efficiently across wide geography, thus helping you rapid hire large number of candidates.

Screening and checking fitment is one of key tasks in hiring. Techruit has the tools and process in place to take the drudgery out of this complex task by using technology and simplified processes. Our Computerized Testing System is robust and filters 100s of candidates in a few hours by checking their general aptitude and IQ. You can bring your own questions and plug it to our Test Engine and maintain the process to suit your requirement. It saves time and the requirement for man power as well as maintains high level of integrity and quality.
Techruit offers pre-assessment at Campus sites as well as off-sites, also called Open pool campus drives. Depending on the availability of logistics, Techruit can work with you and simplify these processes and efficiently deliver services and help you pre-assessment of candidates. You can check for candidates, maths, and verbal, analytical, technical, language skills and finally interview them based on the set filtering criteria.
Techruit has bank of profiles of candidates who have been pre-assessed for various skills and competencies and these candidates can be directly accessed by you in a very short notice, on demand. This helps you address your urgent and unplanned requirements. Techruit understands the nature of today’s business, where the best of planning can go awry. Successful firms are only those who effectively respond to changing demands and requirement , on the fly. You will find our rapid support to be innovative and dynamically stable. This approach would solve your problems today and now.
Techruit understands the requirements of different business verticals, job profiles and industries and works closely with the recruiting companies to help them find suitable candidates. We connect you with technical talents and Engineering Graduates, as well as arts and science graduates or Diploma candidates. We understand the skills and competencies that are required for different job profiles and industries. Accordingly, we bring the pool of candidates to you, so that you can increase your success rate as well as reduce the time, effort and cost.
Techruit covers whole of India. We bring our experience in Southern states to rest of India. With more and more demand getting created from all over India, Techruit would serve clients and stakeholders across India. Be it Colleges, Candidates or Hiring Companies, they can depend on Techruit for comprehensive end to end transparent and result oriented solutions in getting right people and the right jobs.
For Techruit size does not matter. We could handle whether you have a requirement of just 2 candidates or 2000 candidates, we can handle both with the same commitment and efficiency. This is made possible, because of the process and technology Techruit has developed over many years. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your requirement. Rest assured, your requirement would be met according to your criteria.
The demand for top notch talents from Start-ups have gone up and continues to grow. Start-ups face challenges in establishing their identity and brand before they gain traction. Techruit understands this space very well and works closely with start-ups and growing companies, and help them get fine talents with capability and commitment. We take care of the process and brand building by telling your authentic story and inspiring the talented young minds to join you. Because we know, we would grow with you.

How is Techruit different from others?

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