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"My dream come true of joining in a software company, Techruit gave me the wounderfull opportunity" - R..Sivaramanathan Temenos, Chennai

"I wrote the Aptitude Test conducted by Techruit, when I was studying in my college. Now I got the job through Techruit" - Divya.D, Optimus, Chennai
Mission :
  To be the best source for companies seeking quality candidates. To be the default destination for students and job seekers looking for employment that best matches their skills. To make Techruit the best known and most recognizable brand in the HR and recruitment space, anywhere in the world.
Vision :
  Quality candidates on demand, any number, any time, any place.
Team Techruit :
The Techruit management has the best of Technical, HR and administrative skills. The total combined experience is over 70 years. Our success lies not just in the management, but in our handpicked efficient staff members and hundreds of partners and resource persons, spread across various locations in India all of whom constitute our team. Our strength lies in our team. That's Team Techruit, a place where everyone is handpicked to do their job to perfection.
Logo :
Selected from out of 45000+ choices, Techruit is simple and sounds great. It includes everything it represents,best of technology, HR services and recruitments. The color gray represents professionalism and solidity and orange signifies dynamism, energy and vibrancy.
CSR @ Techruit :
By its very nature our business activity is service oriented. We facilitate jobs for freshers. Under project ASSESS we are planning at a huge cost to ourselves a countrywide job suitability assessment of all graduates waiting to pass out. This will be an annual feature r. We also have a free training project called ASCENT and a stipend based student development program called ASSIST.
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