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  2. 12 tph of SZL coal-fired and WNS gas-fired boiler for feed factory
12 tph of SZL coal-fired and WNS gas-fired boiler for feed factory

12 tph of SZL coal-fired and WNS gas-fired boiler for feed factory

Production Capacity: 1-12 tph

Equipment: SZL coal-fired boiler WNS gas-fired boiler

Location: Nanchang, Jiangxi

Cooperative client:  Twins Group

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12 tph of SZL coal-fired and WNS gas-fired boiler for feed factory

In the production process, the feedstuff needs to be heated and matured to facilitate digestion and absorption by the animal. Therefore, the heating boiler is an indispensable equipment for feed production. As a national large-scale farming and animal husbandry group, the Twins Group has been dedicated to feed R&D and manufacturing, pig production and grain trading since it was founded in 1998. In the early stage, when the Yulin Twins subsidiary purchased the boiler, it was aware that the water in the heating boilers on the market was not uniformly heated, the heating was slow, the water vapor was insufficient, and the efficiency was low, affecting the feed production. After a long time visit to the major boiler plants, the principle of Yulin twins company found that, whether the welding process, production equipment, or the rational scientific design of the boiler, technology research and development team, ZOZEN boiler is the best in the country. Yulin Twins finally ordered a 12 tph SZL coal-fired steam boiler at the ZOZEN boiler.

After more than one year of using, the advantages of boilers, such as safe, efficient, full fuel combustion, automated scientific production, have increased the production of feed, saving a lot of fuel costs for twins. Later, no matter whether the Twin Group is carrying out energy-saving technological transformation or coal-to-gas replacement project, the boilers used by its subsidiaries across the country are all provided by ZOZEN boiler. As a strategic partner of ZOZEN boiler, ZOZEN sprovided nearly 90 boilers for more than 80 factories of the Twins Group across the country, including coal-fired steam boilers, coal-fired hot water boilers, biomass-fired boilers and condensing gas-fired boilers, and other different types of boilers.


Customer feedback

Whether it is the previous coal-fired boiler or the current gas-fired boiler or biomass-fired boiler, we are relieved to cooperation with ZOZEN boiler. In recent years, ZOZEN boiler has constantly upgraded with the technical requirements of the industry, and transformed boilers to match our feed industry, which has made great contributions to our energy saving and cost reductions.

— Twins Group

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